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The Lake Geneva Business Improvement District (BID)

was created in 1991 as a private-public sector initiative for maintaining and enhancing the appeal of the downtown area. The primary goal of the BID is to increase tourism, visitors and activity within downtown Lake Geneva by planning events, activities, community initiatives, special activities and reasons for people to come downtown.

The BID serves as a committee of the City of Lake Geneva and consists property owners, business owners, managers and City officials.  The common goal of the BID is to continually improve downtown Lake Geneva for merchants, residents, and visitors.  This also includes decorations, planters and the beautification of the streets.

The BID’s broad mission is to  preserve Lake Geneva’s character, host memorable experiences for guests and residents, and create a safe fun environment. The BID hosts community and retail events yearly for thousands of people to enjoy and experience all that Lake Geneva has offer by bringing together yesterday's charm with today's lifestyles. 

Spiro Condos

Board President

Janine Osborn

Laura Thompson

Board Vice President

Dimitrius Anagnos


TR Remke

Beth Tumas


Alethea Salgado