The Streets of Lake Geneva is your Lake Geneva Business Improvement District (BID) was created in 1991.  The primary goal is to increase traffic and activity within downtown Lake Geneva and keep the area looking beautiful and clean.

The BID serves as a committee of the City of Lake Geneva and consists of an Executive Director, property owners, business owners and managers and City officials.  The common goal of the BID is to continually improve downtown Lake Geneva for merchants, residents, and visitors.  

A few focus areas of the BID include:

  • Implementation and maintenance of downtown floral and streetscape elements (garbage cans, benches, etc.)

  • Downtown holiday decor

  • Economic vitality and development (working to make it easier to do business in Lake Geneva and working to fill store vacancies)

The BID is currently working with the City to create and implement a comprehensive plan, specific for the downtown.  

Board & Staff

Sean Payne



Board President

Tessa August



Board VP

Roger Wolff

Sean Levitt

Kevin Fleming

Steve Monticello

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